April 28, 2010


PROBARS are these amazing little whole-food bars packed full of nuts, fruit, chocolate, and energy. I first got in to them when I was living in Montana, and I'm a die-hard convert. Unlike other bars, they leave your stomach settled and have no aftertaste. Awhile ago I was trying to figure out how to get free probars, and it turns out that they have a deal where if you submit a story and they decide to publish it on their blog, you get a box of probars. I recently got an email saying that they had in fact decided to publish me, so as soon as they do I'll put it on here, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know about them because I genuinely believe that probars are a great product.


  1. LUCKY!
    a bit jealous right now.
    they have the FUNNIEST names for their products though...
    old school pb&j
    cocoa pistachio
    cran-lemon twister
    nutty banana boom
    cherry pretzel
    kettle corn
    superfood slam (i tried this one, it was gross.)
    haha thats actually the only probar ive tried... mmmmmm

  2. the superfood slam is kinda gross. i love cocoa pistachio and arts original blend and koka mocha.